? Octaspring technology - Innovative Aircraft Seat Cushion Foam Replacement Alternative
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Our Aerospace Journey

Our mission is to bring more comfort to the aerospace, making air travels more comfortable and more environmentally friendly.

Take a seat - an award winning Octaspring® seat.

Taking Octaspring® technology to the skies has been our biggest challenge and greatest journey so far. We wanted to create the most comfortable, supportive and lightweight seat, that would transform the way people travel, with less impact on the planet. And we did it! Developed by our Comfort Experts, in partnership with Airbus, Stelia Aerospace we are now bringing first class comfort to the economy and business class. We are transforming the first class experience with smart sleep solutions; we are ensuring the crew are comfortable too, including the most important person on the plane – the captain.

Static Seat explosion

Octaspring® aerospace technology

Comfort is such a personal thing. Each of us knows when it feels just right. And so does Octaspring® technology. Powered by Octaspring® aerospace technology, our comfort experts have re-imagined the aircraft seat to become the first ever, to adjust to you, rather than you adjusting to it.

OCTAvent Air system

True comfort is more than just the feel. Octaspring® technology literally breathes. The patented OCTAventTM air system acts like hundreds of little air pumps responding to body pressure by expelling hot and humid air and drawing cool fresh air back in.

Smart Comfort Engineering

Our passion for creating comfort has engineered a solution designed to dynamically achieve the optimum comfort level. Octaspring® springs are designed to move independently in three dimensions. So, working together, they take comfort to a totally new level.

Ergonomic zoning

We use different firmness zones that are cleverly designed with your body in mind to create a truly unique experience.

Developed in partnership

Developed and offered in aviation market through selected partners, Octaspring® seat cushions are already changing the way we travel.

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Economy class seat cushion

Bringing more comfort in the ever shrinking economy class seat.

Business class seat cushions

Premium comfort accompanied by up to 800g weight savings.

First class seat cushions

First class comfort for luxury travels.

Cabin Crew rest mattresses

Better rest for the cabin crew, for safer air travels.

Pilot seats

Acknowledging the importance of pilots needs for comfort.

First Class Suite Mattresses

Bringing lightest mattress to the first class suites.

The longer you sit, the more comfortable it gets

Octaspring® technology performs like nothing else. Individual foam springs move three-dimensionally cradling every inch of the body in complete comfort. Each individual Octaspring® spring dynamically conforms to the contours and movements of your body in all sitting positions, reducing pressure points and promoting healthy blood flow.

Unique Ergonomic zoning and customisation

The breathable Octaspring® springs can be created in practically any foam density, firmness levels and can be individually placed to create unique support zones for the parts of the seat, on which the greatest amount of weight is applied. This is the first truly zoned seat/sleep solution, offering specific support for different parts of the body, increasing comfort & durability.

Naturally 8X more breathable

The unique Octaspring® ventilation system provides a constant airflow – body movements push warm, humid air out of the specially designed sides of the mattress, drawing fresh air back in. It’s like the Octaspring® springs literally breathes – providing a fresh surface use after use.

up to 50% lighter

We use up to 50% less material in production of Octaspring® springs, which results in a final product that is 30-50% lighter. This cuts not only the cost of transport and fuel consumptions, but also reduces CO2 emissions, making it a highly sustainable solution.

Built to last

Octaspring® technology has excelled in multiple comfort, ventilation, micro-climate and durability tests. We are therefore confident enough to offer long term warranties for the products made with Octaspring® technology, as it outperforms foam product equivalents.

Octaspring Technology in Aerospace is already adapted by:

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Environmentally frienldy solution, which doesn't compromise on comfort

Our vision is to deliver first class comfort in every aspect of life. And our commitment is to do it in an environmentally responsible way, that would leave less of an impact on the planet. Octaspring® technology is kinder to the planet. It uses 50% less material in the production with no waste. Which results in up to 30% lighter seat cushions.  We save up to 150g in the economy class seat cushion, to 2.5kg in the cabin crew mattress. In just one year we could save 320 tons of weight from one plane.  We would estimate it would save 15,000 litres of fuel, which in turn would reduce carbon emissions by 460 tons.


The weight savings that we are able to achieve with every Octaspring® seat cushion, translates in direct CO2 emission cuts for airlines and environment.

Recognised in aerospace

Octaspring® technology has won multiple awards not just in the design and consumer sector, but has been awarded several extremely important awards in aerospace. The aircraft seat cushion was awarded the Crystal Cabin Award as the best new aircraft interior innovation material, followed by Best passenger comfort innovation in APEX awards, Gold winner of best Comfort design by Edison awards and nominated as best seating innovation in Yacht and Aviation awards organised by Design et al.