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OCTASLEEP® First Class Bedding

Developed specially for air travels, OCTAsleep® collection is bringing first class comfort to the premium, business and first class cabins.

Better rest for the passengers

Our mission is not just making aircraft seats more comfortable, but we also want to bring first class comfort to the passengers. No matter if you travel in economy, business of first class we want to make sure every minute you sleep, you get a quality rest. The OCTAsleep® collection developed specially for air travels, brings more comfort, cooler sleep and promises passengers will be able to sleep faster, deeper and longer. Our sustainable approach to our use of materials, and even more important, our care for recycling our product after-life, will help further cut the CO2 emissions and reduce the waste. 




We have developed pillows for all cabin classes, specially designed to enhance the sleep experience.


First class comfort for luxury travels, now powered by Octaspring® technology.


We have developed the lightest mattress in the air for ultra luxury air travel.

Mattress Detail

Wellsleep fibres

Soft as down, light as feather - the super fine Wellsleep fibres plump your pillow, so you don’t have to. Soft and airy Wellsleep fibres provide better air circulation and a soft cradling feel.

Octaspring® technology

At the heart of the pillow is smart Octaspring® technology that moves 3-dimensionally and offers customised support for every inch of your head & neck.

Comfort Points

Every single Octaspring® spring adapts to you to alleviate pressure from the neck & shoulders, improving comfort and providing better sleep quality.

OCTAvent air system

Our patented OCTAvent™ air system makes your pillow naturally 8x more breathable, which cools your pillow, helping you fall asleep faster and lets you get the longer and deeper sleep.

Faster, deeper, longer sleep

Comfort is such a personal thing. Each of us knows when it feels just right. And so does Octaspring® technology. Powered by Octaspring® aerospace technology, our comfort experts have re-imagined pillows and toppers to make the sleep on-board so much more comfortable. We are confident to say that passengers will be able to sleep faster, deeper and longer.

Naturally 8X more breathable

True comfort is more than just the feel. Octaspring® technology literally breathes. The patented OCTAventTM air system acts like hundreds of little air pumps responding to body pressure by expelling hot, humid air and drawing cool fresh air back in. The unique air system will ensure our sleep products are naturally 8X more breathable, allowing passengers to sleep 3°C cooler. This small difference is proven to help passengers sleep faster, deeper and longer.

Lighter & recyclable at the end of lifetime

Our technology is kinder to the planet as it uses 50% less material in production. This means that our products will be lighter and will bring airlines additional weight savings down. In addition to that, as part of our sustainability program all our products can be recycled at the end of their life cycle.

Improved Performance

Octaspring® technology has a unique structural benefit, that constantly aims to return back to its original position. This helps create better support, but also increases its lifetime. We are therefore confident to give extended warranties on our sleep products. 

Octasleep pillow collection

Using versatility of the Octaspring technology, we have developed a collection of pillows which bring better sleep for the passengers, through a cooler and more comfortable sleep.

Premium Economy pillows

Designed with both Octaspring® spring and tube technology, a bolster pillow creates better support for your back, but also works as a great support for your neck.

Business Class Pillows

Designed with Octaspring® springs these pillows deliver original Octaspring® technology pressure relief and support, while keeping you cool and comfortable.

First Class Pillows

Pure bliss and ultimate breathability, the OCTA TECH net encases the softness of our Wellsleep fibres for a truly comfortable sleep.

Product Specification

We are able to develop custom solutions and adapt Octaspring® technology practically in any sleep or sitting structure. The Octaspring® technology range varies from 2cm-12cm height, and currently is available in two diameters –  Octaspring Eco-Light® at 6.5cm diameter and Octaspring® Original at 10cm diameter.

In order to create a new comfort solution with Octaspring® technology we would require technical 3D drawings with dimensions and preferably physical sample, for us to evaluate and create the most optimal solution from the comfort and weight saving perspective.

Please contact our R&D team for further enquiries.

We can use practically any foam available in the market to create Octaspring® springs. Our expertise in sleep industry as well as knowledge about the foam types and suppliers gives us a competitive advantage of sourcing materials in large and small quantities.

All the foams used in the production of Octaspring® products meet specific industry standards, including flame retardancy requirements, which are required in aviation industry. We have successfully passed oil burner test with different combinations, and are able to offer ready to go solution for aviation and other industries.

All the certificates and test reports are available upon request.

We take advantage of our global supply chain, through which we can produce Octaspring® in in Europe, Asia or the US. This opens endless possibilities to supplying the technology, seat cushions or the entire solution in practically any part of the world.

We have tested Octaspring® technology under the most severe durability tests, and we are confident that our products will out perform existing foam cushion solutions. We do offer long term warranties, which are evaluated based on the specific product complexity and planned use.

For more information, please contact our sales department.

We have partnered with Wessco International to offer Octaspring bedding products for aviation.

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