? Octaspring - patented foam technology for mattresses, seat cushions and support pillows
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Octaspring technology



Octaspring® Aerospace Technology

The patented Octaspring® Aerospace technology delivers first class comfort 24/7, and it also delivers genuine environmental benefits.





Mattress Detail

Powered By Innovation

Octaspring® technology is the biggest innovation in aircraft seat cushions, that will bring game changing improvement to passengers and airlines.

Aerospace ready

Octaspring® seat cushions have passed essential aviation tests and are ready to fly.

It Literally Breathes

Octaspring® technology is naturally 8x more breathable vs standard foam, which makes Octaspring® seat cushions cooler and drier.

30% Lighter

Each Octaspring® spring uses roughly half the weight of a foam block, resulting in up to a 30% weight reduction.

Smart Comfort

Individually placed Octaspring® springs offer better pressure distribution & comfort vs standard foam.

Kinder To The Planet

Octaspring® technology uses 50% less material, and produces virtually no waste.

Ergonomic Support

Octaspring® technology is also truly unique, we use different firmness zones that are cleverly designed with your body in mind.


Octaspring® technology offers limitless possibilities of customisation.

Smart Comfort Engineering

We love comfort and the fact that it is different for everyone. Our passion for creating comfort has engineered a solution designed to dynamically achieve the optimum comfort level. Octaspring® springs are designed to move independently in three dimensions. So, working together, they take comfort to a totally new level.  

Everybody and Every Body is unique. That’s why we teamed Octaspring® springs of different firmness’s, in zones to correspond to different parts of the body. Octaspring® technology intelligently adapts to your personal size and shape. The result is a uniquely responsive comfort. Smart Comfort. 

Smart Comfort

Octaspring® technology performs like nothing else. Individual foam springs move three-dimensionally cradling every inch of the body in complete comfort. Each individual Octaspring® spring dynamically conforms to the contours and movements of your body in all sitting positions, reducing pressure points and promoting healthy blood flow.

Naturally 8X more breathable

True comfort is more than just the feel. Octaspring® technology literally breathes. The patented OCTAventTM air system acts like hundreds of little air pumps responding to body pressure by expelling hot, humid air and drawing cool fresh air back in.


Naturally breathable no chemicals no wires

 The unique Octaspring® ventilation system provides a constant airflow – body movements push warm humid air out of the specially designed sides of the mattress, drawing fresh air back in. It’s like the Octaspring® actually breathes – providing a fresh surface use after use.

Tested for first class quality

Our mission is to create first class comfort with first class quality. Not just to meet our own stringent standards, but those of the most ruthless of industries – aerospace. Octaspring® technology performs better than standard foam, and we have tested it over rigorous industry standards. This allows us not only to offer this product in aerospace, but also be sure our products will last longer. Find out more about the tests we have passed in aviation industry here.


Passed stringent industry tests

Octaspring® technology has an incredible ability to regain its original shape, that considerably improves seat cushion performance over its lifetime.

Kinder to the planet too?

Our vision is to deliver first class comfort in every aspect of life. And our commitment is to do it in an environmentally responsible way, that will leave less of an impact on the planet. Octaspring® technology is kinder to the planet… It uses 50% less material in the production with no waste, which results in up to 30% lighter seat cushions. Think of all the airlines flying today. Now imagine just ten of them are fitted with Octaspring® seats… 


Lighter and kinder to the planet

The weight savings that we are able to achieve with every Octaspring® seat cushion, translates in direct CO2 emission cuts for airlines and environment.

Multi - Award winning

We love the recognition that world leading design and aerospace experts bestow upon our innovation. In last 18 months Octaspring® technology has won the most prestigious Crystal Cabin Award in the best aircraft interior material, nominated best passenger comfort innovation by APEX, won the gold award as best Comfort Design by Edison Awards and nominated as the best new seating solution (Yacht and Aviation Awards).


Octaspring® technology has received awards in sleep, support and design categories - Best new technology (IF awards), Best Sleep technology (Interior Innovation awards). Best new comfort product ( Biggest innovation award), best office support (Iconic), best pregnancy pillow (Mums awards) and best support pillow ( German Design awards).