? Adria - Octaspring technology
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Adria® introduces Octasmart mattresses in their luxury caravan Astella

Octasmart mattresses, powered by Octaspring technology, are now is looking to transform sleep of holiday makers in new Astella luxury caravans from Slovenian manufacturer, Adria Mobil

Adria Mobil drives innovation in sleep in their all-new Astella, a luxury holiday home on wheels, featuring Octasmart mattresses for perfect night's sleep


Octasmart mattresses, powered by Octaspring Aerospace Technology, are used in aerospace, bringing first class comfort to passengers and the crew, and now is looking to transform sleep of holiday makers in new Astella luxury caravans from Slovenian manufacturer, Adria Mobil.

Adria Mobil is one of Europe’s leading recreational vehicle manufacturers making award-winning caravans, motorhomes, campervans and mobile homes. The Adria brand, is its premium offer, dates back to 1965 and has in recent years seen consecutive record results thanks to a focus on vehicle design and innovations.

Adria partnered with Vanema, who are experts in sleep innovations, and chose luxury Octasmart® mattresses powered by Octaspring Aerospace Technology to deliver luxurious sleep experience in their new Astella caravan. 

Astella redefines the luxury holiday experience as it delivers the best experience that a caravan can and the best elements from a mobile home. It appeals to consumers who want the ultimate holiday experience in their own holiday home, one which is movable and which you can tow yourself.

The luxury experience is compelling, thanks not only to the Astella’s design but also to its long list of exclusive features, one of them being the sleeping area, which has been upgraded with the award winning mattresses, that have been proven to deliver faster, deeper and longer sleep. As with any luxury products, it’s the details that also make the difference, with Adria focusing on the ambience of the interior design and how Astella looks and feels.

Rest and sleep are a key part of Adria’s customer’s holidays experience. So the design of the bedroom and especially the choice of mattress is an important decision point. This can be a challenge for some recreational vehicles, although Adria has always had a reputation for delivering on sleep – however the new Astella takes this to a new level of luxurious comfort by using the Octasmart ® mattress.

Octaspring® award winning aerospace technology combines comfort of foam with support of the luxury pocket spring, delivering new level of comfort.  Technology has been used in luxurious mattress, that have has been delivering changing peoples sleep around the world. The individually placed foam springs move three dimensionally to distribute the body weight across over 100 extra sensitive comfort points on the mattress. The patented Octavent air system makes the mattress naturally eight times more breathable than standard foam, giving a fresher, cooler and more comfortable sleep. It has been proven that Octasmart ® mattresses deliver  3C cooler sleep, which makes all the difference in getting faster, deeper and longer sleep – everything that you would like to get on your dream holidays – a good night sleep.

Octaspring® technology has helped Adria to deliver a more environmentally sustainable sulutions as well. Being 50% lighter than traditional foam solutions, it helps Adria deliver a vehicle which is towable, with any weight reductions helping fuel efficiency. In Astella this was part of a strategy focused on weight and aerodynamics, including using aerospace know how to help with the design of the Astella’s unique exterior shape and its pure design approach. 

The Astella caused quite a stir, breaking all Adria’s records for online visits, since its world premiere at the 2019 Caravan Salon Dusseldorf on August 30th.

Find out more about this revolutionary sleep technology at: www.octaspringtechnology.com  at  www.octasmart.com  and discover the new Adria Astella at www.newastella.com