? Crystal Cabin Awards (2) (1) - Octaspring technology
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Crystal Cabin Awards (2) (1)

OCTASPRING® Airline bedding shortlisted for CRYSTAL CABIN AWARDS


February 11th 2020

Vanema’s revolutionary Octaspring® Airline Bedding, inspired by their expertly innovative aerospace technology, has been given the nod of approval by the Crystal Cabin Awards’ Shortlist.

Shortlisted as a ‘Future Concept of Airlines’, the announcement comes not long after the collection’s initial launch last September, in partnership with onboard luxury bedding specialists, WESSCO International at LA’s APEX EXPO. “Here at Vanema, the honour of being shortlisted for CCA’s ‘Future Concept of Airlines’ Award is a great acknowledgement of our commitment to transforming the future of sleep comfort onboard. As experts of sleep science, we could not be prouder to be the creators of this unique collection, which re-imagines our patented aerospace technology to present airlines and their passengers with a suite of high-comfort, eco-friendly sleep solutions’ says Boris Ribicic Head of R&D at Vanema.

No stranger to the Awards, Vanema’s Octaspring® Aerospace technology won the Crystal Cabin Award for ‘Best New Material Innovation in Aircraft Interiors’ in 2017. Since their success, Vanema have fully developed a certified product portfolio of aircraft seats and cabin crew mattresses subsequently partnering with airlines in an industry leading initiative to put pilot wellbeing and passenger safety first, implementing their ‘tried and tested’ cabin crew mattresses across the airlines entire fleet. From aircraft seats, to cabin crew mattresses, Vanema’s recent partnership with WESSCO International has seen their creation of Octaspring® Airline Bedding shortlisted for the coveted “Future Concept of Airlines’ Award by the Crystal Cabin Awards. "We are very excited to have partnered up with sleep technology experts Vanema to develop an in-flight bedding program powered by Octaspring, Vanema’s award-winning aerospace technology," says Petros Sakkis, Chief Marketing Officer at WESSCO.

This next generation of Vanema products consists of mattresses, toppers, pillows, and lumbar pillows offering superior comfort, longer product cycle and 100% recyclability. The new OCTACELLTM diamond cell grid, composed of hundreds of diamond shaped foam cells, incorporates Octaspring technology to provide even weight distribution, improved support, and increased air circulation – all of which will allow passengers to enjoy their flight in optimal comfort. With WESSCO International’s in-depth knowledge of the industry’s challenges and limitations, and Vanema’s innovative technology and sleep expertise, this unstoppable team could be on to another win at this year’s Crystal Cabin Awards.


Octaspring® was first introduced in bedding products by Studio Moderna in 2011. Octaspring® mattresses and pillows are now available in 30 countries under the brand names Dormeo and Dormeo Octaspring®.

Vanema was established in 2016 to deliver Octaspring’s disruptive seating solutions to the aviation industry. The company has partnered with Airbus to develop concept aircraft seats, which are planned to take their first flights this year. Vanema have recently extended their airline comfort range beyond aircraft seating, partnering with WESSCO International to develop their new Octaspring Airline Bedding Collection tailored to optimise passenger comfort onboard.  Beyond aviation, it is Vanema’s goal to replace existing, outdated foam seat filling across all industries, in favor of more modern, comfortable, and environmentally friendly materials.

Contacts: Ieva Baradouska

Head of Marketing & Communications ieva.baradouska@vanema.si

Tel: +447990528254