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El Al Israel

Octaspring introduces cabin crew mattresses in El Al Israel Boeing-777

Octasmart mattresses, powered by Octaspring technology, are now is looking to transform sleep of cabin crew.

El Al Israel Airlines leads initiative in improving pilot rest on board by testing new Octaspring® mattresses

In an ever ongoing effort to provide better rest for the crew, El Al, the national airline of Israel, has partnered with Vanema, expert in comfort to implement the latest sleep technologies on board. This month, El Al’s flagship Boeing 777 provided pilots with the Octaspring® cabin crew mattress, promising better sleep quality while contributing to the airline’s reduction of CO2 emissions.

El Al Israel Airline’s initiative in introducing new sleep technologies on board recognises the vital importance of cabin crew rest, particularly for pilots. Their well-being is a top priority to airlines and rest time onboard is vital in delivering excellent and safe service. With this in mind, El Al were determined to create a cabin crew comfort initiative that will help optimize every minute to get a better-quality rest.

El Al’s developmental team set about conducting several internal tests wherein Ocatspring®’s innovative technology and monitoring how more technologically advanced sleep solutions help pilot efficiency.  The airline has enrolled the award-winning technology onboard El Al’s flagship Boeing 777 on the first flight this month. Three variables that are essential for pilots onboard where every minute of rest time counts. First response from one of the pilots have been “These mattresses made a well relief for the cockpit crew especially from the old ones implemented already and made our inflight rest much better quality and increased flight safety significantly.”

The improved sleep quality is expected to be achieved thanks to Octaspring®’s ingenious patented foam spring technology which provides individual support and is 8X more breathable, allowing natural thermoregulation as well as higher comfort levels. Octaspring technology also uses 50% less material in its production, saving up to 3kg of weight per mattress on the aircraft. This weight reduction also leads to a lower CO2 footprint for each flight. This innovative technology won Octaspring® the 2017 Crystal Cabin Award for Best New Material Innovation in Aircraft Interiors. Octaspring is now available in a fully certified product portfolio of aircraft seats and cabin crew mattresses.

Together El Al and Octaspring are paving the way for other airlines to look for better sleep solutions to improve their cabin crew rest experience as well. El Al Airlines plans to continue monitoring further crew feedback before rolling out the program across their entire fleet of Boeing 777 airplanes to ensure their pilots are refreshed and ready to soar the skies!

Vanema worked in close partnership with Boxmark Leather to supply the cabin crew mattresses to El Al.

Find out more about this revolutionary sleep technology at: www.octaspringtechnology.com  at  www.octasmart.com 

Editors Notes

About Octaspring® Technology

Octaspring® is a patented foam spring technology, which is the first true innovation in the foam industry in the last 20 years. This unique technology combines the support and comfort of foam with the functionality of spring, while using 30% less material. The foam springs are placed individually and move 3-dimensionally, resulting in improved weight distribution, pressure relief and increased comfort. Springs of varying densities can be used in the same layer to create targeted zones, which increases comfort and extends the structure’s lifespan. Plus, the open spring structure provides 8x better ventilation.

Originally used only in Sleep products, which are available in over 30 markets across the world under the Dormeo brand, newly established company Vanema, led by the entrepreneur & owner of Studio Moderna is focusing the development & integration of Octaspring® technology in aviation - principally aircraft seating & cabin crew rest department mattresses.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 757130.

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