Who are we?

Vanema is the innovative comfort solution developer, focusing on the improvement of passenger comfort using our patented Octaspring® aerospace technology. Vanema was established in 2016, gathering a team of experts in comfort to explore the possibilities of how to integrate Octaspring® technology into aircraft seating. Vanema has exclusive rights to develop the Octaspring® technology for the aviation industry and is led by the entrepreneur Sandi Češko, the founder of Studio Moderna and other ventures whose mission is to reinvent the comfort of flying, by changing the design and comfort of the seats.


How did it start?

When Mr. Sandi Češko first discovered the innovative Octaspring® technology, he saw the potential to integrate it into bedding products worldwide. Today, Octaspring® mattresses and pillows are available in 30 countries under the brand names Dormeo and Dormeo Octaspring®. Recognising the technology’s unique benefits, Sandi knew there was further promise for Octaspring® applications to improve virtually any type of seating – from home furniture to automotive and aircraft seating.



Our mission with Octaspring® technology is to create a new level and standard for comfort, healthy seating and sleeping across different industries on a global level. We invent a universal approach to the body, using innovative technology that we, together with our partners, integrate into a wide range of products such as furniture, mobile and aircraft industry.


With Octaspring® technology, we envision developing ergonomically customised solutions for a holistic approach to the body - how we walk, sit, sleep and live.

We care about people’s comfort, health and well-being.

Our vision is to become the leading provider of healthier and more comfortable solutions in the bedding and upholstery category to the automotive and aviation industry. We want to become a leader in the mass personalisation in all these categories.


We aim to grow through the partnership and integrate Octaspring® technology and special design products, for higher comfort, using less material, which reduces weight and adds value.


At Vanema, we lead the future of comfort. We invent, we create, we transform, and we collaborate.

Experts in comfort

We are experts in comfort, our team has over 100 years of combined experience creating innovative comfort solutions for mattresses and sleep products. Today we are bringing this knowledge to improve comfort in every aspect of life.

Horizon 2020 innovation program

Vanema was granted H2020 grant for the development of Octaspring® technology for the aviation industry. The initiative supports disruptive solutions, which will bring long term differences in the aviation industry and help improve both customer well being, and also allow substantial CO2 emission savings, reducing the impact on the planet.

ISO Certified

In October 2019 Vanema was awarded ISO 9100:2018 and ISO 9001:2015 certification.  This internationally recognised standard not just ensures products and services meet the needs of customers through an effective quality management system, but from now on Vanema is able to supply their comfort solutions to aerospace. Find out more.

Our partners

Vanema has been working in close partnership with Airbus, Stelia and Boxmark to develop the first prototypes of a lightweight seat solution for first, business and economy class seats. The resulting joint project has won several awards including the Crystal Cabin Award and is awaiting first delivery in aviation.

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Quality Policy

The quality of our products and services, sustainable development and care for the environment are integrated throughout the process from product design to production and delivery. We are committed to fulfilling legal and contractual obligations.

Quality Policy is the commitment of all employees. It is documented in the Quality Manual through the entire company and in the implementation documents – the descriptions of processes, regulations and work instructions. Employees are acquainted with the policy and objectives of quality policy at all levels through awareness-raising meetings and trainings, as well as information from the management.

The quality objectives and action to achieving them are included at the annual level within the business plan of the company. The achievement of objectives is monitored at monthly inter-department meetings, periodic meetings of project groups, and we conduct preventive and corrective actions, if necessary.

The management of the company reviews the quality policy and the achievement of the quality objectives, make decisions and the necessary actions in the quarterly management reviews, and if necessary, adjusts them according to the changes in the conditions of the company environment.


Danijel Hubman

CEO, Vanema Storitve d.o.o.

Zagorje, 2019


  • Customer focus: understand and fulfill, and exceed customer expectations with an innovative solution
  • Leadership: determine the guidelines, goals, organization, company culture, provide the resources needed
  • Responsibility: establish responsibilities, involve employees in decisions to achieve the effectiveness of the performance and goals
  • Evidence-based decision making: effective, timely decisions based on the right information
  • Process approach: processes optimization for achieving goals
  • Continuous improvement: plan, implement, check and continually improve with measures to increase capacity / added value of the product and services

Customer satisfaction: meet requirements and exceed customers’ expectations by:

  • understanding and meeting the customer requirements, partnership relations,
  • fast production of sample / prototype, an innovative solution based on our creativity, professionalism and fast adaptation
  • high quality and safety of our products,
  • competitive prices,
  • on-time delivery (compliance with agreed delivery dates).

Employee satisfaction: increase responsibility, motivation and employee satisfaction through:

  • encouraging team work, innovative approaches, responsibility and involvement of all employees in decision-making and stimulating remuneration system,
  • planned and ongoing education and awareness, promotion of quality,
  • care for a safe working environment (safety and health at work)
  • creating an environment that offers opportunities for personal development and continuous improvement,
  • socialising and respectful relationships between employees.

An effective supply chain: increase the efficiency of the supply chain by:

  • the selection of quality key suppliers and input raw materials,
  • optimised design and production of quality and safe products,
  • timely and quality delivery within agreed deadlines.

Continuous improvement of the quality of products and services: increase the competitive advantage and quality of our products and services by:

  • establishment and improvement of the quality management system in accordance with the standards ISO 9001 and AD9100,
  • optimisation of business processes,
  • on planning, implementation, verification and continual improvement (actions).